ian ball
January 7, 2018

It been 6 months since I brought the RC1600 portable cooler, so I believe it’s time to give it a quick review.

When the planning started for the summer 2017 trip I a was in need of a silent fridge the 3 way option appealed (12v,mains,gas), this kind of covered all situations that we may encounter and the DOMETIC COMBICOOL RC 1600 was with in the budget I had set myself.

Powerful compression cooling and lightweight thermoelectrics, the Dometic CombiCool RC 1600 EGP gives you a multitude of options. Powered by 12 V supply from a vehicle, 230 V from the mains, or gas power in more remote locations, this cooler offers ultimate flexibility and freedom to travel. The robust cooler also excels with its perfectly silent absorption technology. A spacious cooling option with vertical space for 1.5 and 2 l bottles.

Whilst away on our travels we used it in gas, 12v and mains format with no issues what so ever, I found and this is stated in the instructions manual to start the cooler on mains for a couple of hours before switching to 12 volts it aids in getting the cooler to temperature quicker. When the cooler is in use it has to be level, I didn’ find this a real issue as most of the time you set up camp you need your vehicle level for sleeping, I did purchase some camping level ramps just in case.

Gas was only used when stationary for safety reasons if no mains was available and it did exactly what it said on the tin

12 volts,I have a leisure battery fitted to the LR and I have to admit this cooler can be hungry on Amps but most of the time we used mains power on the campsites we stayed at.

Mains no issues what so ever, currently being used in the home as a extra fridge with no problems.

All I can say is that the cooler will need to be level to work and that I’m 100% satisfied with this product.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak

ian ball
July 13, 2017

Hi, purchased an Intex Challenger K2 Kayak from  Amazon UK, this is for the Summer Trip.

So to test it out we drove down to the Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon parked up, walked to the River inflated the Kayak and well I have to say what a great time we had.

The  Intex Challenger K2 Kayak has turned out to be a great buy, it is easy to inflate but be gentle with the pump and a good thing is when packing it away the bag is a good size.

MUD Defender Console

ian ball
May 13, 2017


Took the plunge and fitted the MUD console to tidy up the dash area, I had a diy console fitted that was fit for purpose but didn’t look great.

This is a great product looks the part and easy to fit the instructions provided  I have to say are the best I have ever seen with written and visual descriptions. You will have use an angle grinder to cut away part of the dash that housed the clock cigarette lighter panel, sounds harsh but it’s fine.

Just got to sort out my switches and USB charging sockets to complete the job ,all in all totally happy with the product a must addition.

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