hitting the Road

26 March 2016 was upon us and we set off for a world of adventure myself ,daughter and partner.As we chugged along towards Portsmouth, i was conferdent that kitty would not let us down ,but i still packed spares and tools ,it is a land rover after all.

Let the travels begin……………..

Arriving in Caen at 2215 too late for a campsite wild camping was the order of the day so a quite clearing was found in some woods near Falaise ,the next morning the 27th we were off again, stopping at Camping Municipal L’Allochona beautiful campsite and at 9 euros for one night with electric well worth it. On the 28th we headed for  Oradour-sur-Glane.



Then onto  Carcassonne ,wow what an amazing town beautiful, stunning a must place to visit………….

more to follow



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