France/Italy 2016 part 3

Part 3 of the France/Italy 2016 adventure ,the journey from Carcassone and the Pyrenees campsite La Serre was a boring motorway drive to Sanremo Italy ,it wasn’t the plan but needs must as Sarah my partner had to go back to the UK for work, so had to leave a week early and fly back From Nice.

Ariving in Sanremo at night with not much to see we stayed at my Sister’s (Sharon) house in Poggio, and after a glass of wine …..or two 😉 a good nights sleep in a bed was the order of the day, and what a sleep it was. We awoke the next day and wandered on to the balcony to the most amazing view, with the sky blue and the sun smiling down we overlooked Sanremo what a beautiful sight it blew the thoughts of the motorway dash away, the Italian adventure would start here …..


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After coffee and a well deserved bacon sandwich we set off in a Fiat 500 auto(giving kitty a rest) with the electric gates open, the sports button pressed on the little Fiat’s dash ,the accelerator floored we shot up the driveway that lay in front of us that seemingly snaked up the side of a mountain , “We can’t stop till the top” my Sister shouted and laughing as the Little fiat continued its climb “or we will stall and the the 500 will struggle”. Thankfully the sport button worked and we made it , off to Sanremo center we drove ,well we crept along in heavy traffic(that is the norm) with mopeds buzzing around like a storm of busy bees and the lack of indicators ,we used the FORCE like good Jedi’s and arrived safe at Cocoon cafe my sister and husband’s (Mauro) Business ,a cheeky mid morning wine and nibbles and we explored the hustle and bustle of Sanremo with its great shopping.

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With Sarah dropped off at Nice airport the next Day, Lily and I with my Nephew Liam set off in Kitty to Grotte di Toirano a cave network that was discovered in 1950’s and what an amazing place, well worth a visit.

I was planning to drive down to Rome and Naples but i decided i would not do this but save it for another trip, when Sarah could be with us and then enjoy it as a family, this did not stop me and Lily exploring the mountains around Sanremo, including Dolceaqua to name just one town




With our time coming to an end i had decided to leave 2 days before the ferry was booked so we could travel back via the Italian and French Alps this would mean we didn’t have to rush and could enjoy the beautiful Alps and it wasn’t a let down we even found snow to play in.

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Overall a great trip Kitty performed well ,only problems a temp sender that thought it was a rev counter at times ,i replaced a leaking clutch master cylinder in Italy and 50 miles to go to the ferry home the alternator bearing went ,other than that all was good, would i do it again ………hell yes ,Spain/Portugal 2017 maybe and UK trips this year

Total mileage 2459

4 packets of bacon

One life Live it



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