Gower Peninsula

With Kitty packed for another weekend away, Friday the 13th of May arrived would this be unlucky. With Lily picked up from school and the final packing done and the final decision made on which teddy bears would be allowed to travel with us, Sarah,Lily and I set off on a lovely sunny Friday afternoon  with high hopes in our hearts.

The sun blazed down on us,this is what owning a defender is all about chugging along to the next adventure, with Port Talbot looming in the distances the Steel work’s rose from the ground churning out more smoke than the landie, then the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened,the little wipers made their merry dance back and forth across the front screen struggling with the amount of rain, i hope this is just a summer shower, for 20 minutes the rain fell ,but in the distance a glimmer of hope the sun poked its head through the dark clouds and the rain subsided summertime was back on.

We arrived at nicholaston farm campsite ,i can rate this campsite 5/5 very friendly, very clean and just for May free first day Fried Breakfast for all the people in your party ,spot on.

Lily found a tree rope swing in the woods on the path that leads down to the beach just beware of the Adders.

The morning sun rose on the Saturday and after our campers fried breakfast off to the beach we trekked, keeping a close eye on the path ahead after hearing that Adders lurked around the woods. We got to the sand dunes and climbed to the top ,wow what a sight to behold the sky was blue and the sun blazed high in the sky above us , the beach stretched to our left and right.


A great day was had at the beach, with sand castle’s built and  battlements in place we relaxed in the sunshine.



Walking back the campsite through the woods Mr Adder made an appearance on the path ahead, my first encounter with one a wide birth was given.

Saturday night after a hard day at the beach doing nothing, we had a barbecue and a few wines. The gower peninsula is a must place to visit so beautiful and nicholaston farm campsite is a great place to stay I would highly recommend it.

Only a short stay but we will definitely be returning to this gem in Wales


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