Just finished reading “It’s on the meter” about the adventures of Paul Archer, Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell ,what a great book hilariously funny and full of great stories from around the world.

It all starts with the three lads having a skin full of beer, then in a haze of madness deciding to purchase a black London cab from EBay and planning a road to trip  from London to Sydney ,what could possible go wrong…….

Starting off couch surfing across Europe and sampling the party hot spots of the places they visit, to being locked up in a Moscow prison after a few to many Vodkas the journey continues to the Middle East with a wild campsite in the middle of an Iranian air defence  site protecting Iran’s nuclear program area ,the Iranians not being very impressed with that choice, and many other great story’s.

With Sydney insight a sponsor helps with the extension to trip so the lads can traverse the globe and raise a substantial amount of money for charity.

Inspirational ,hilarious and a all round great read.

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