Day trip to Cambridge Calendar Challenge Feb 2017

Clares college

This month saw us travel to the city of Cambridge, famous for its universities and its beautiful architecture.

We arrived at lunch time and decided to park at the train station , the height of Kitty and multi storey car parks close to the centre are a problem, she wont fit. Its a pay and display car park  the cost for the day £7.00 for off Peak 0930hrs to 0400hrs the next day which wasn’t to bad , its just a 200 meter walk to the station where a bus can be caught into the centre 1o min trip, to walk it takes about  20-25 mins.


Arriving in the centre  we headed to the Princess Diana Memorial in the centre of Christ’s Pieces a park area.

Princess Diana Memorial

We then  walked to Trinity Lane via St Johns Street ,Trinity Ln is like stepping back in time ,but beware of the manic toffs on their bone shacking bicycles that are totally unaware of anything around them as they speed along to their next important lecture, luckily near the end of the lane a door was open so I nipped in to take some photos of Trinity College Great Court.

Trinity College Great Court


Trinity Lane




Walking towards the River Cam along Garret Hostel Lane , arriving at Garret hostel Ln bridge the site of one of the many Punting centre’s check out The Traditional Punting Company , along the banks of the river  some of the great colleges that make Cambridge a place of excellence for further education , Clare college, Kings college and Queens College to name a few the architecture is mind blowing, wealth oozing from buildings where the privileged train their minds.






With a rumbling from our bellies and our feet pleading for a rest ,food was in order, there are many great places to eat in Cambridge too many to list , but when you tell your 9 year old  daughter its time to eat only 2 words spring in to her mind   “Happy Meal” so I apologise to all the great food establishments the City has to offer I ended up in Dirty Mac’s 🙁 , after the food a little more exploring , if you like shopping this will be your heaven ,from run of the mill high street shops to many small unique outlets, Cambridge has everything.


All in all it was a lovely day out in a beautiful City , I have to be honest , Cities just don’t float my Punt to many people rushing from here to there you need eyes in the back of your head watching out for the cyclists that care not if they hit you and have never heard of a bell to warn you of your impending collision.

Please don’t let this put you off it is well worth a visit lots to see and plenty of shopping to hammer your credit cards , and the  Cambridge American Cemetery And Memorial   is only 4 miles from the centre.













Kings college
market day

Clares college

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